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The attention economy commodifies human engagement, but it’s difficult to monetise

Instead of cash, many modern consumers are using their attention to show brands appreciation and loyalty. However, it’s an immaterial metric that is difficult to monetise

The influencer marketing sector is booming – but regulatory problems abound

Influencers on social media are presenting lucrative new advertising opportunities for brands, but as regulators scramble to catch up, the legal aspects of the industry remain unclear

How AI is reshaping marketing and sales

AI is revolutionising organisations’ sales and marketing departments, but managers have generally been slow to exploit this new technology

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Top 5 steps to maximise return on rebranding investment

A carefully structured brand strategy not only connects an organisation with its target audience, but it also acts as a vital differentiator from the competition. Here are five elements to consider when investing in brand development

Data and the digital advertising dilemma

As personal data collected from online behaviour has exploded, companies have rushed to adapt their advertising strategies, with mixed results

Personalised communications will shake advertising out of its slumber

Marketing has lost its personal side, focusing on data harvesting and not on forming a bond. Personalised communications look set to change that

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Getting too personal? Marketeers trade in our data

More and more of our personal space is being invaded and sold online. Is it too late to turn the tide?

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Logi-no more: Logitech loses half its name in massive rebranding

The Swiss-based computer and tablets accessories company has redesigned its logo to signal a new direction for the business

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