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Verizon sells social media network Tumblr

Once acquired by Yahoo for $1.1bn, the blogging site Tumblr is now being sold for an undisclosed amount that reports claim could be as low as $3m

Smartphones and social media are redefining the retail market – here’s how

The average person has five social media accounts and spends at least 40 minutes per day using a social network. With so much free time dedicated to screens, the way we shop is changing for good

The influencer marketing sector is booming – but regulatory problems abound

Influencers on social media are presenting lucrative new advertising opportunities for brands, but as regulators scramble to catch up, the legal aspects of the industry remain unclear

Facebook faces fake news backlash following algorithm change

Brazil’s biggest newspaper has announced it will no longer publish content via Facebook, arguing new changes to the social media giant’s algorithm favour fake news over professional journalism

Facebook to tackle organised misinformation campaigns

Facebook has announced new steps to fight ‘information operations’ led by governments and organisations designed to sway public opinion

YouTube blocks ads on smaller channels

In an attempt to appease advertisers, YouTube will only allow ads to be run on channels with over 10,000 total views

Twitter considers paid membership service

Social network Twitter is looking enhance its revenue stream amid stiff competition from rival social network sites

Snap IPO set for photo finish

Snap is set to stage one of the largest IPOs in recent years despite being yet to post a profit or launch a product on a large scale

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Advertising has evolved – businesses need to catch up or they risk total irrelevance

As companies pump increasing investment into digital marketing, consumers are inundated with more and more content. The ad industry is changing, and its quality is being sacrificed

Facebook targets emerging markets with new Messenger Lite

The social media giant plans on winning over users in the developing world with lighter version of its popular messaging app

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Twitter left behind by stronger social platforms

A year on from Jack Dorsey’s return, Twitter is still struggling to kick-start user growth and engagement

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Chris Poole, founder of 4chan, joins Google

The founder of 4chan has been grabbed by Google. He could help bring the internet giant’s social media ambitions into some kind of order

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