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Twitter algorithm detects terrorist accounts before they can tweet

While Twitter suggests there is no “magic algorithm” for identifying terrorism-related content on the internet, the company’s own internal algorithm appears to be closer than ever

Germany takes aim at fake news and illegal content with €50m fines

As Germans head to the polls later this year, the government is cracking down on influential fake news

Twitter considers paid membership service

Social network Twitter is looking enhance its revenue stream amid stiff competition from rival social network sites

Twitter China’s top executive quits after eight months in charge

The head of Twitter’s Greater China operations has announced her departure from the social media firm

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Twitter users to profit from their videos

The microblogging site is expanding its video advertising programme, allowing users to monetise their creations

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Twitter left behind by stronger social platforms

A year on from Jack Dorsey’s return, Twitter is still struggling to kick-start user growth and engagement

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Twitter results disappoint – again

Twitter’s fourth quarter results show its monthly user base has failed to grow for the first time in its almost 10-year history

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Four executives to leave troubled Twitter

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has responded to press rumours with the announcement that four executives are set to leave the company

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Twitter has to stop competing with Facebook

Reports Twitter could raise its character limit met a backlash from users. The company’s identity crisis could be harming its reputation

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The history of the dotcom bubble – and how it could happen again

With tech companies growing at rapid rates, many commentators are worried the industry could be in line for a catastrophic fall – one comparable to the dotcom crash of 2000

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Google eyes up Twitter as the latter’s shares plummet

This week the online social networking service saw its shares fall by more than 10 percent after attempts to replace its former CEO failed, leaving the door wide open for a potential takeover bid

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Twitter’s Costolo steps down; shares go up

A string of unimpressive results have prompted Twitter executive Dick Costolo to step down

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