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Facebook wants you to love, laugh, cry and get angry with new Reactions

The social media giant has introduced a new range of reactions with which users can respond to posts

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Twitter results disappoint – again

Twitter’s fourth quarter results show its monthly user base has failed to grow for the first time in its almost 10-year history

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Twitter has to stop competing with Facebook

Reports Twitter could raise its character limit met a backlash from users. The company’s identity crisis could be harming its reputation

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Snapchat captures six billion daily views

Increasingly popular smartphone app Snapchat closes the gap on Facebook

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China’s banks snoop on citizens to determine credit ratings

New financial rating systems set up by Chinese companies are raising eyebrows over the use of the type of information used to determine scores

Google+ is being quietly euthanised

The search giant’s attempt to challenge Facebook came out with a big fanfare, but proved to be one big annoyance

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Pinterest finally gets money hungry with “Buy it” button

Pinterest ventures into ecommerce with the introduction of a “Buy it” button to its online pinboard service

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Why Ello is not about to replace Facebook

The self-proclaimed ‘anti-Facebook’ Ello has gained considerable traction in the media recently – but we’ve heard it all before

Sex, drugs and your new job role

Interviewers are increasingly likely to check out candidates’ social media profiles. It’s a controversial practice, but is it justified?

Apple buys Topsy Labs in bid to get closer to Twitter

Apple buys data analytics firm Topsy Labs in push towards more targeted social media advertising