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Top 5 most important takeaways from the US antitrust probe into big tech

The New Economy takes a look at the most significant accusations made against the CEOs of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple during the US Congressional committee’s historic hearing

Top 5 reasons automation should be used for mitigating risk in a financial close

Effective financial close management is crucial if companies are to avoid costly auditing mistakes, but too many firms still rely on error-prone manual processes

Top 5 ways to ensure your app maintains peak performance

Apps can be inexpensive yet powerful tools for growing your business. However, like any resource, they must be maintained. Here are the top five ways to ensure your app continues to deliver

Top 5 food tech innovations

Today’s food and agriculture companies are striving to feed a growing population in a world under increasing under threat from climate change. Innovation in how we produce food could be the answer

Top 5 reasons to study in São Paulo

The culturally vibrant city of Brazil is the financial powerhouse of Brazil, making it the perfect place to study business

Top 5 spying scandals in the tech sector

As technology plays an increasingly influential role in our daily lives, the scope for illegal surveillance is growing, posing a threat to businesses and consumers alike

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Top 5 largest fines levied on tech companies by the European Commission

As the EU continues to tighten technology regulations and promote fair competition, the fines it issues to market leaders have grown

Top 5 tech hubs to rival Silicon Valley

The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for being home to the world’s most progressive tech companies. But as more investment funnels towards the sector, a number of cities are staking a claim to Silicon Valley’s tech-hub crown

Top 5 considerations for SMEs adopting end-to-end business management solutions

To keep up with larger competitors, it is essential for SMEs to have an effective end-to-end business management solution that makes use of the latest technological developments

Top 5 reasons to do business in North Rhine-Westphalia

The German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is an innovative and cosmopolitan location with plenty of room for investment. Businesses from the around the world have recognised this and are setting up in the region

Top 5 tips for building a future-proof supply chain

The supply chain is the new battleground of the relentlessly competitive world of retail. Companies that fail to adapt to the sector’s exponential rate of change risk slipping into obscurity

Top 5 steps to maximise return on rebranding investment

A carefully structured brand strategy not only connects an organisation with its target audience, but it also acts as a vital differentiator from the competition. Here are five elements to consider when investing in brand development