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Top 5 tech hubs to rival Silicon Valley

The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for being home to the world’s most progressive tech companies. But as more investment funnels towards the sector, a number of cities are staking a claim to Silicon Valley’s tech-hub crown

Biohacking: the controversial trend that’s taking over Silicon Valley

From intermittent fasting and meal-replacement drinks to nootropics, ‘biohacking’ has found favour with the world’s smartest individuals.

FAANGs vs BATs: the US and China battle for tech dominance

The US and China are caught in a technological arms race, with companies on both sides investing heavily in cutting-edge solutions. Whichever superpower comes out on top could dominate the global economy for decades to come

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There is no ‘new’ Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the world’s leading tech hub. However, whenever a new centre of innovation emerges, we hear talk of ‘the new Silicon Valley’

Silicon Valley’s sexist brogrammer culture is locking women out of tech

Silicon Valley has become a frat house where drinking and womanising are suitable pastimes for young tech luminaires, but the industry is suffering from this lack of diversity

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