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Biohacking: the controversial trend that’s taking over Silicon Valley

From intermittent fasting and meal-replacement drinks to nootropics, ‘biohacking’ has found favour with the world’s smartest individuals.

A history of Russian hacking

Just over a decade ago, Russia embarked on a global programme of state-sponsored cyber warfare to prove its technological prowess. Its hacking operations have become more wide-ranging in scope and more damaging with every target

Protecting your data assets from insider security threats with UEBA

Despite depictions of hackers frantically typing to crack into a company’s mainframe, most data breaches stem from internal actors. UEBA’s ability to track user behaviour helps IT security teams identify these cyberthreats faster

Researchers attack power grid in order to highlight vulnerabilities

Researchers from New York University have hacked into weakly protected power control devices to demonstrate the vulnerabilities of the world’s power systems and ultimately improve cybersecurity

China creates “impenetrable” network using quantum communications

In a breakthrough for quantum technology, China has successfully trialled a quantum communications network that is “impenetrable to hackers”, according to state media

Yahoo sale delayed, but still going ahead

Yahoo’s long goodbye continues to drag on, with its sale to Verizon now delayed after massive account breaches and reports of an SEC investigation dog the company

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