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Yahoo’s proposed data breach settlement rejected by judge

Internet giant Yahoo had drawn up a $50m settlement package for victims of a mass cyber hack, but it was thrown out due to lack of clarity

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Yahoo sale delayed, but still going ahead

Yahoo’s long goodbye continues to drag on, with its sale to Verizon now delayed after massive account breaches and reports of an SEC investigation dog the company

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Hackers steal data from 500 million Yahoo users

In the largest ever publicly disclosed security breach, Yahoo has admitted that user information from 500 million accounts, including names, emails and unencrypted security questions, has been stolen

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Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.8bn

Yahoo, the fallen giant of the internet age, has been sold to US telecoms firm Verizon

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Yahoo continues to struggle with spiralling losses and no buyer in sight

Yahoo, the struggling internet search giant, has missed yet another financial target, seeing continued losses as it keeps up the as-yet-fruitless search for a buyer

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The tragic demise of Yahoo, the internet’s first great brand

Yahoo was the first great internet brand, but numerous missteps over the years have caused its empire to crumble. We take a retrospective look at the company‘s exponential rise and its ultimate demise

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Yahoo sets deadline for bids

Yahoo has yielded to shareholder pressure and started the bidding pressure for its core business

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Yahoo’s Mayer is set to stay

In spite of investor activism, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer plans to remain in charge of the troubled company

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Tech companies fear the ad-block bomb

Executives from Yahoo and Google say “blunt” ad-blocking could destroy the value exchange of the digital ecosystem

Yahoo hints at upcoming sale

It’s expected Yahoo will soon be sold as the company announces 2015 losses and plans to cut its workforce by 15 percent

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Yahoo faces lawsuit for sending unsolicited text messages

Accused of spying on emails and texting non-subscribers without consent, Yahoo is facing a class action lawsuit

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Has Marissa Mayer run out of time?

Technology insider says Yahoo’s executive could eventually be replaced

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