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Argentina’s Kaszek Ventures raises $600m in boost to Latin American start-ups

As Latin America’s start-up scene ignites, Kaszek Ventures hopes to fan the flames by utilising the improved infrastructure the region has enjoyed in recent years

Top 5 tech hubs to rival Silicon Valley

The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for being home to the world’s most progressive tech companies. But as more investment funnels towards the sector, a number of cities are staking a claim to Silicon Valley’s tech-hub crown

Top 5 AI start-ups in Asia

Although China is currently dominating AI technology in Asia, other countries in the region are making significant progress, too. The New Economy looks at the biggest players attracting substantial investment at home and abroad

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French government to invest €10bn in innovation

Emmanuel Macron’s campaign pledge to set up a €10bn innovation fund has been set in motion

Entrepreneurship thrives in Israel

Israel has emerged as a destination where development and manufacturing exist hand-in-hand, allowing tech firms to streamline processes

Atomico raises $765m to invest in European tech start-ups

London-based investment firm Atomico has now raised a total of $1.5bn in funding, somewhat allaying fears of a post-Brexit slowdown in the tech sector

Facebook to launch start-up incubator in world’s largest start-up campus

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has unveiled plans for a multi-million-euro investment in the company’s first ‘start-up garage’

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