Top 5 ways to ensure your app maintains peak performance

Apps can be inexpensive yet powerful tools for growing your business. However, like any resource, they must be maintained. Here are the top five ways to ensure your app continues to deliver

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that your app doesn't fall by the wayside – or live untouched on users' phones

With the digital revolution well underway, customers have come to expect 24/7 access to services and businesses have learnt to deliver it. Apps are an excellent way to do so, however it is not enough to simply launch an app. They must actually work, too.

By following these five tips, app developers can deliver a product that upholds peak performance long beyond launch.

Put functionality first
When creating an app, too often companies will focus on optimising their visual interface first. However, app functionality is of even greater importance.

Users expect apps to have a fast, smooth and responsive interface, so investing time and money into the operating system is more important than your design if you want your app to appear professional and competent.

Meet user expectations
Have you thought about the number of applications you’ve downloaded and only used once?

Users expect apps to have a fast, smooth and responsive interface, so investing time and money into the operating system is important

The likelihood is that the app didn’t work as expected, suffering from crashing, slow loading times, a poor user interface or a lack of developer activity to provide updates.

When you monitor your app with SIGOS, every time your app isn’t working as expected you receive an alert explaining the problem and how to find and fix it.

Test on both iOS and Android
Testing your app on different operating systems is essential. Your application may work perfectly on Android but your iPhone version could be mired with bugs.

SIGOS tests your app on all of the operating systems it can be found on, ensuring it maintains peak performance across all of its platforms and iterations. The company will guarantee that your app is tested on real devices and features easy scripting and rich reporting.

Carry out continuous testing
Your app could run smoothly when it is initially launched, but subsequent updates can produce unexpected bugs and errors that you will need to look out for. Therefore, it’s important to quality check your app’s performance with regression testing before updates are officially released and then to do so continuously afterwards.

A buggy app can damage the reputation of the wider business, potentially leading to lost revenue.

Watch out for updates
Operating system updates are fairly frequent and usually have an impact on app functionality, making them another thing to keep an eye on. Without a proper app monitoring procedure, maintaining a high-quality product becomes difficult.

Delays in identifying and fixing bugs can be expensive for your business. Bugs also lead to user complaints, which can have a negative impact on sales opportunities. SIGOS offers businesses peace of mind by monitoring their applications around the clock to detect bugs and issues before users identify them.