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Top 5 reasons to study in São Paulo

The culturally vibrant city of Brazil is the financial powerhouse of Brazil, making it the perfect place to study business

FIA Business School is encouraging entrepreneurship in Brazil

As Brazil’s business sector develops, the country is learning to support entrepreneurship. Business schools are responding to this growing market by offering courses tailored to new business owners

Brazilian management is ready to take on the world

With Brazil on the cusp of a new political era, bespoke and relevant business education is more important than ever

Santos Brasil brings benefits from booming ports Brazil-wide

So far, 2014 has been a stellar year for logistics services. We speak to New Economy Award winner Santos Brasil about the surge in trade

Brazil’s investment in human development can rescue economy

Brazil celebrated its exclusion from the UN’s 2014 World Hunger Map earlier this month, but its economy is apparently suffering its lowest slump in years

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Brazil approves suicide seeds

Brazil’s controversial decision to allow the use of ‘suicide’ seeds has implications for small-scale farmers all over the world

Renova Energia’s renewable energy vision for Brazil

For renewable energy company Renova Energia, the future lies in Brazil’s Northeast Region