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Port of Melbourne leased to Lonsdale consortium for $7.3bn

The Lonsdale Consortium has acquired a 50-year lease on Australia’s biggest port, thanks to a $7.3bn bid that far exceeded expectations

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The shipping industry has dodged a bullet

Ship operators are playing a dangerous game if they wait too long to install exhaust gas scrubbers

Shipping containers prove their investment potential

In the shipping industry, containers have been giving investors a stable investment option for decades

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Panama Canal expansion to enhance global trade

The massive project to widen the Panama Canal is long overdue. When complete, it will have a dramatic effect on global trade

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Santos Brasil brings benefits from booming ports Brazil-wide

So far, 2014 has been a stellar year for logistics services. We speak to New Economy Award winner Santos Brasil about the surge in trade

Global warming opens Arctic to Polar trade routes and tourism

A Polar Code of Conduct is being put in place as the effects of global warming open up the Arctic to increased tourism and trade, explains Sandra Kilhof

PEMA gives shipping industry a united voice

Shipping has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years – partly due to the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association, which has given a united voice to the industry

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Shipping industry sails towards environmentally friendly future

The shipping industry has faced a turbulent few years, thanks to rising costs and creaking infrastructure. However, a focus on eco-friendly cargo ships could give it the newfound efficiencies it needs