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A higher minimum wage benefits all parties – employers need to look at the figures

Higher minimum wage levels are viewed with caution by shareholders and investors, but they could actually provide a financial boost

‘Fast casual’ industry bites into McDonald’s profits

The American fast food industry must take heed of changing consumer appetites, if only to keep pace with its fast casual competition

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McDonald’s fat profits

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McDonald’s global sales continue to plummet

Sales at US outlets fell by 4.6 percent in November as a result of “strong competitive activity”

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Major labour reforms ahead after McDonald’s loses wage fight

A historic decision by US authorities against McDonald’s has set the wheels in motion for a major labour reform. But the burger behemoth is not happy to be held jointly responsible for the wages of its franchise workers

Branding: the strategy and specificity of image equity

Branding is thrust more so to the forefront of initiatives as publicity becomes the deciding factor in whether a business succeeds or fails

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