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Top 5 jobs most at risk from automation

As automation continues to dominate news stories the world over, we take a look at the jobs deemed most at risk from the ongoing development of technology

Put to the test: why employers value online assessments more than university degrees

With university degrees more commonplace than ever, employers are increasingly looking to online tests to identify the right candidates, writes Rachel Connolly

A higher minimum wage benefits all parties – employers need to look at the figures

Higher minimum wage levels are viewed with caution by shareholders and investors, but they could actually provide a financial boost

Australian unemployment at 12-year high

Australia’s November unemployment data has given weight to the words of those calling for the RBA to cut interest rates

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Major labour reforms ahead after McDonald’s loses wage fight

A historic decision by US authorities against McDonald’s has set the wheels in motion for a major labour reform. But the burger behemoth is not happy to be held jointly responsible for the wages of its franchise workers

The STEM Crisis: scientifically supported?

The shortage of skilled labour in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics sectors has been called a ‘STEM Crisis’. But does the evidence stack up?

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