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Will airborne wind energy ever take off?

Since Google’s parent company, Alphabet, dropped wind power business Makani from its Moonshot Factory, a decades-long debate has been reignited about the commercial viability of airborne wind energy

Alphabet and Shell join forces in electric-generating kites venture

As Shell looks to move away from its fossil fuel reliance, it has invested an undisclosed amount in an experimental Alphabet venture that generates power using kites

Alphabet hopes to change the face of cybersecurity with the launch of Chronicle

Chronicle, the latest development to stem from Alphabet’s exploratory research arm, plans to use AI to crack the corporate cybersecurity market

Alphabet to build futuristic district in Toronto as a model for smart cities

Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs aims to improve the quality of life in urban environments by developing a neighbourhood that can create and test smart city technologies

Alphabet throws weight behind $300m European biotech fund

Deepening its investments in healthcare, Google’s parent company has joined the backers of the Medicxi-run fund

AlphaGo defeats world Go champion Ke Jie

AlphaGo, the AI created by Alphabet’s DeepMind, has beaten world champion Ke Jie at the ancient game of Go

Bill Maris, CEO and founder of Google Ventures, quits Alphabet

After seven years at the helm of Alphabet’s venture capital business, Bill Maris is leaving Google Ventures on Friday

The PR stunts worth more than the products they’re selling

Tech companies love nothing more than a grandiose display of their equipment, but the show is often more valuable than the technology

The US has a new highest-paid executive

Half a year into his tenure, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has been named the highest-paid executive in the US

Google becomes ‘Alphabet’ in massive rebranding

Google’s announcement it was rebranding itself as Alphabet came as a surprise, but it makes a lot of sense to its ambitious founders

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Google creates ‘Alphabet’ in surprise restructuring

Google has announced the creation of Alphabet, a new holding company that will preside over many its more unconventional acquisitions

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