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Will airborne wind energy ever take off?

Since Google’s parent company, Alphabet, dropped wind power business Makani from its Moonshot Factory, a decades-long debate has been reignited about the commercial viability of airborne wind energy

China’s green strategy is paving the way for an Asian renewable boom

While Donald Trump questions the existence of climate change, Chinese investment in renewables is securing the country’s energy future and giving smog-ridden cities the hope of clean air once more

India announces record year for wind energy

India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has announced the addition of 5,400 mW of wind power in the past year

China reaffirms full commitment to Paris Agreement and urges others to follow

As the US dismantles environmental policies, China is moving to take on global leadership as a ‘new climate era’ begins

Coal reaches turning point in key markets

The number of coal power plants under construction plummeted over 2016, while over 100 new construction projects have been frozen

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Tesla flips switch on grid storage

Autonomous carmaker Tesla has officially launched a battery storage plant that could ensure renewables are used more efficiently

China announces closure of 104 coal-fired power plants in line with renewables push

China has ordered the closure of 104 coal power plants, in line with a push to meet emissions targets. However, it must tackle unregulated industry to become truly green

China poised to dominate in renewable energy with ‘going global’ strategy

China already far outstrips the US in terms of its investments in renewable energy, and is now stepping up investments in a bid to dominate in the global renewables boom

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Smart grids could be the route to a truly renewable energy system

Smart grids are transforming the ways in which suppliers provide energy, but can they change consumer habits?

Global renewable energy share rises

The amount of energy produced from renewable sources has risen faster than expected, with strong figures across the globe

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Costa Rica runs only on renewable energy

In its latest triumph to protect the environment, Costa Rica has been powered completely by hydropower for over 75 consecutive days

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Saudi Arabia plans massive renewable push

World’s second largest oil producer looks to rebalance its energy consumption with renewable investment

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