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Hydrogen could be the answer to energy storage conundrum

A report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has proposed a new method of energy storage using hydrogen, which it says works more effectively than lithium-ion batteries

Tesla flips switch on grid storage

Autonomous carmaker Tesla has officially launched a battery storage plant that could ensure renewables are used more efficiently

Energy storage could be the bridge that eases the transition to renewables

Energy storage is fast finding favour among savvy investors, and looks like it could revolutionise the energy landscape

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Tesla puts a spark to energy storage

The electric automaker has announced that it is producing a series of batteries to power homes and businesses

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Harvard scientists find simple solution to maximise energy storage

Efficient energy storage has long been a hurdle for the advent of solar and wind generators as large-scale energy producers. But now scientists at Harvard seem to have found a simple solution – and it’s cheap too

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