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Tesla flips switch on grid storage

Autonomous carmaker Tesla has officially launched a battery storage plant that could ensure renewables are used more efficiently

Smart grids could be the route to a truly renewable energy system

Smart grids are transforming the ways in which suppliers provide energy, but can they change consumer habits?

Digital channels allow utilities firms to redefine customer engagement

ACS explains how digital channels can allow utilities to enact lightning-fast decisions and keep consumers engaged

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Mannheim becomes one of the world’s smartest cities

Gabriele Booth of Stadtmarketing Mannheim lays out some of the technology projects that have put the German city at the forefront of sustainability and smart urban design

Technology’s biggest flops (and why solar roadways are set to join them)

Solar panel highways are a novel idea but distract from what’s important – boosting solar efficiency – says Oscar Rousseau

Bert Taube and Robert Brammer on big data | Versant Corporation

The New Economy interviews Bert Taube, Director of Energy and Smart Grid Solutions, and Dr Robert Brammer, Board Member, from Versant Corporation, on the big data in energy

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Bastian Fischer on smart grids | Oracle Utilities | Video

The New Economy interviews Bastian Fischer, Vice President of Oracle Utilities, on how good policy and customer engagement must follow the roll-out of smart grids

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Jonathan Hart on smart grids | Schneider Electric | Video

The New Economy interviews Jonathan Hart, SVP of Corporate and Solutions Marketing at Schneider Electric, on starting the smart grid journey with a single step

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Brian Sorensen and Martin Speiermann | PowerSense | Video

The New Economy interviews Brian Sorensen, CEO, and Martin Speiermann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, from PowerSense, on retrofitting existing infrastructure to work with new smart grid solutions

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Livio Gallo on smart grids | Enel SpA | Video

The New Economy interviews Livio Gallo, Head of Infrastructure and Networks Division at Enel SpA, on smart grids

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Philippe Delorme on the energy challenge | Schneider Electric

The New Economy interviews Philippe Delorme, Executive Vice President of Schneider Electric, on the energy challenge

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