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Smart cities: future-proofing for tomorrow

Smart city projects are on the rise, but remain small in scale due to networking challenges. With further investment, these difficulties can be overcome and cities’ benefits can be realised

Indonesia set to build 7km sea bridge to connect Batam and Bintan

The Indonesian Government hopes to boost trade with Singapore and facilitate economic growth by constructing a sea bridge between the islands of Batam and Bintan

Indonesia is the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market

South-East Asia’s largest country is on the verge of a digital revolution thanks to its digitally savvy youth, the rise of tech start-ups and the promise of upcoming infrastructure projects

The investment projects helping to build a better future in Peru

Infrastructure stimulates economic growth and leaves a lasting legacy – but it doesn’t come cheap. Matching the right investors to suitable projects, therefore, is essential to a country’s future prosperity

Xi Jinping unveils world’s longest sea bridge

The 55km bridge, which cost $20bn to construct, connects Hong Kong and Macau to the city of Zhuhai in mainland China. It was originally due to open in 2016 but was delayed due to budget and safety issues

ProInversión: Social sustainability is central to Peru’s PPP projects

Alberto Ñecco Tello explains how ProInversión embeds sustainability in its programme of delivering infrastucture investments

Chinese telecoms firm to double spending on 5G research

As China races to implement 5G coverage before the US, Chinese telecoms provider ZTE has pledged a research spend of $295.5m a year

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China proposes high-speed rail to Iran

New high-speed rail between Beijing and Tehran will bring the two states closer together

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Dreams nobody wanted: when massive infrastructure projects go wrong

Big new infrastructure projects can seem tantalisingly good ideas on paper, but in reality can turn out to be costly mistakes

Copenhagen weather change prompts audacious flood plan

Copenhagen is one of many cities threatened by rising sea levels and extreme weather – but it has an ambitious plan to defend itself

Technology’s biggest flops (and why solar roadways are set to join them)

Solar panel highways are a novel idea but distract from what’s important – boosting solar efficiency – says Oscar Rousseau

World Bank report highlights South Asia infrastructure problems

Huge gap in spending shows where South Asia’s governments need to focus their attention, writes Jules Gray