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City of Malaga offers ‘the benefits of a modern city, but not the headaches’

Marc Sanderson outlines Malaga’s smart city innovations and benefits for businesses and citizens alike

Smart cities: future-proofing for tomorrow

Smart city projects are on the rise, but remain small in scale due to networking challenges. With further investment, these difficulties can be overcome and cities’ benefits can be realised

How smart data can safeguard the planet

For 50 years, Software AG has delivered sustainable technology to organisations around the world. Recognising the challenges created by climate change, it’s important to help customers find ways to turn their data into a resource that promotes sustainability

As mass data collection becomes the norm, concerns about surveillance are growing

As our urban areas expand at an alarming rate, mass data collection appears to be the only way of keeping pace. But is the added convenience of smart cities worth sacrificing our privacy for?

Alphabet to build futuristic district in Toronto as a model for smart cities

Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs aims to improve the quality of life in urban environments by developing a neighbourhood that can create and test smart city technologies

Huawei brings IoT to smart city plans

In a bid to integrate the Internet of Things into smart buildings, Huawei has renewed its links to Honeywell at the world’s largest tech fair – CeBIT 2017

Rotterdam leads the way for Europe’s new smart cities

From the creation of innovation districts, to the deployment of drones to collect waste, Rotterdam is aiming for the smart city gold standard

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Utrecht is leading the way in terms of healthy city living

With urbanisation continuing apace, Utrecht is leading the way in finding solutions to how to live healthily in a city

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Utrecht Science Park brings innovation and employment to the city of Utrecht

“We try to add the most sophisticated knowledge-related employment to our region,” says Utrecht Science Park director Floris de Gelder

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Rotterdam’s floating farms reduce environmental harm

Rotterdam has two major assets: its delta location and innovative spirit. Peter van Wingerden, CEO and partner at Beladon, talks to us about a new floating farm project that will combine the two

Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015: Building sustainable cities

Reimagining, redesigning, and rebuilding the cities we live in to be more sustainable will be key to a green future

Sustainable investment is vital to city marketing

Belfius Bank has brought together local municipalities, midcorp entities and leading experts to finance sustainable investments and so help develop the smart cities of the future