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World View’s surveillance balloon completes longest mission to date

The Stratollite surveillance balloon has completed its longest test flight to date, signalling the dawn of a more cost-effective way to carry out real-time global monitoring

China’s social credit system awards points to citizens who conform

China’s social credit system has been publicised by the government as a way of boosting trust in a broken society. In reality, all it does is exacerbate and intensify a fundamentally undemocratic system of surveillance

Government snooping ruled illegal by European Court of Human Rights

In a landmark case brought to the court by a group of charity activists, surveillance activities by the UK Government have been classified as a breach of human rights

Facial recognition is rapidly progressing, but at what cost to privacy?

The rapid uptake of facial recognition technology is unsettling, but how does it work, and can it be fooled?

As mass data collection becomes the norm, concerns about surveillance are growing

As our urban areas expand at an alarming rate, mass data collection appears to be the only way of keeping pace. But is the added convenience of smart cities worth sacrificing our privacy for?