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Stuck on repeat: at Nokia, is history doomed to repeat itself?

Few companies have demonstrated more grit than Nokia, which, despite selling its mobile phone handset division in 2013, has gone on to become a major player in the 5G race. But it must be wary not to repeat the mistakes of the past

Huawei denies claims it is owned by the Chinese Government

Telecoms giant Huawei has claimed it is controlled by its employees through ownership of virtual shares, disputing accusations of state ownership

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Samsung launches foldable smartphone

While Samsung looks to maintain its grip as the world’s leading smartphone seller, its latest innovation has failed to excite investors and consumers

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Europe in danger of missing 5G revolution

The emergence of 5G is set to transform how companies operate, but regulatory issues and investment costs are slowing Europe’s progress in uptaking the new technology

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Huawei CFO arrested in Canada following US extradition request

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei and daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei, has sparked fears of heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing

Huawei tops corporate travel sponsorship list for Australian MPs

Despite the company’s recent struggles, a new report has revealed that Huawei has been the biggest corporate sponsor of overseas travel for Australian MPs since 2010

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Huawei wins $11.6m patent battle against Samsung

Huawei Technologies wins $11.6m from Samsung in patent infringement court case

Huawei brings IoT to smart city plans

In a bid to integrate the Internet of Things into smart buildings, Huawei has renewed its links to Honeywell at the world’s largest tech fair – CeBIT 2017