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Insurance companies are refusing to back coal projects over environmental concerns

Recent studies reveal it is no longer viable for insurers to back the coal industry due to the associated climate risks. This has the potential to herald a positive move away from fossil fuels altogether

India eschews coal emissions targets

India’s Power Minister has admitted that upcoming emissions targets will be missed, while coal power plants under construction are likely to undermine Paris Agreement commitments

Coal reaches turning point in key markets

The number of coal power plants under construction plummeted over 2016, while over 100 new construction projects have been frozen

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China announces closure of 104 coal-fired power plants in line with renewables push

China has ordered the closure of 104 coal power plants, in line with a push to meet emissions targets. However, it must tackle unregulated industry to become truly green

Peabody files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as coal industry continues to suffer

Coal mining giant Peabody has been forced to apply for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US, partly as a result of the firm’s ill-fated attempts to expand into Australia

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Coal is not the solution to fulfilling the world’s energy needs

We can’t cut climate change if we keep digging up coal. Governments need to cut subsidies and make polluters pay

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A new age dawns for Poland’s energy sector

Poland has for years fought against ambitious EU targets on climate change, though their passage could mark an important turning point for the country’s energy sector

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OSU further the potential of clean coal technology

‘Green coal’ is at the forefront of global governmental and scientific agendas in that it could greatly reduce carbon emissions

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SA water faces tough future

Water infrastructure looks to continue to be a major issue for South Africa, as management takes heavy criticism

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