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Black Friday: what are the economics behind the sales?

Black Friday has become the biggest retail day of the year, where shoppers in the US and UK are offered irresistible deals. But with massively slashed prices, what does this mean for sales?

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Amazon opens its first real store

Despite its continued dominance in the online retail space, Amazon makes an unexpected move to the physical world by opening its first bookshop

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The Internet of Things transforms the shopping experience

The Internet of Things reaches your shopping basket with the arrival of interface-free shopping

Retailers must go offline to improve their bottom line

E-commerce companies are waking up to the fact that, to succeed in today’s marketplace, they have to make their services available offline

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Facebook changes tack with Messenger for Business tool

Facebook has bolstered its online supremacy by offering businesses a tool to vastly improve their customer service capabilities

Digital: the one fashion luxury brands can’t keep up with

Brands must rethink what it is to be luxurious in the digital age or risk alienating the connected consumer

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Amazon spots high street opportunity with RadioShack

Online retail giant in talks to buy some RadioShack stores, giving the firm its first physical presence on the high street

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Retail industry uses in-store analytics to spy on shoppers

In-store analytics are beginning to gain traction in traditional retail, and could help manage the decline in bricks-and-mortar sales

‘City within a city’ Sarit Centre changes African retail forever

The New Economy is proud to recognise Nairobi’s Sarit Centre as Africa’s Most Sustainable Shopping Mall. The centre’s managers explain how, as well as protecting the environment, it has survived a coup, anticipated trends and revolutionised retail

Tesla’s fight with dealership monopoly rattles the car industry

In a series of state bans, car dealerships are slamming US automaker Tesla for selling its own cars. Now car makers and regulators are taking on the powerful auto dealer lobbies in a bid to revolutionise the US car industry

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Online shopping all the rage as teens snub traditional retail outlets

Teens, and, in particular, boys, are leaving traditional retail shops behind. The mobile phone is the preferred platform, as teens become more demanding on what, how and when they want to shop

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Journey into retail space

When it comes to physical retail strategy in consumer electronics, Apple is king. But rivals Samsung and Microsoft are raising the stakes in a bid to take the crown

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