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The true impact of locust swarms on Africa’s agriculture sector

Desert locusts have been wreaking havoc on humanity’s food supply since biblical times. Now, as East Africa combats its worst infestation in generations, experts are racing to better understand – and control – these insects

Mobile phones are changing personal finance across Africa

The use of mobile money has exploded across Africa in recent years, but while some nations are setting the global agenda, political barriers and trust issues are causing others to lag behind

Schneider Electric is helping to bring reliable electricity to Africa

Solar energy isn’t only beneficial to the environment – it also has the power to improve living standards across Africa

The president of Zimbabwe is being sued over internet shutdown

Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa, together with the country’s three mobile networks, are the target of legal action related to six days of internet blackouts

Al Karama: foreign companies will benefit from Tunisia’s economic breakthrough

With a new democratic system in place, opportunity is plentiful for many industries across Tunisia

Mauritian insurance sector spurred by digital developments

By embracing a wave of digital innovation, the Mauritian insurance industry is rapidly becoming one of the most dynamic markets in the world, writes Louis Rivalland, Group Chief Executive at Swan General

‘City within a city’ Sarit Centre changes African retail forever

The New Economy is proud to recognise Nairobi’s Sarit Centre as Africa’s Most Sustainable Shopping Mall. The centre’s managers explain how, as well as protecting the environment, it has survived a coup, anticipated trends and revolutionised retail

Top 5 rapidly growing countries

In a recent report, global consulting firm EY ranked the most rapidly growing economies in the world

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African banks offer opportunities

New forms of banking offer Africa simpler ways of conducting business

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Africa becomes top commodity

International attention has turned its focus to the oldest continent, for new, “affordable”, and available wealth

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Nigeria struggles to rebuild Lagos

The country’s capital is in a state of disrepair as the government aims to produce better infrastructure

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