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ICANN rejects controversial sale of .org internet domain names

A proposal to sell the .org domain to a private equity group has been voted down after months of criticism from non-profit organisations  

A sorry site: 8chan gets the axe, raising questions about internet censorship

8chan, a controversial imageboard linked to numerous mass shootings, disappeared from the internet in August after being cut off by its network provider. While many lauded Cloudflare for its symbolic stand against violence, others raised concerns about the political nature of the decision and its potentially detrimental implications for free speech

What a sovereign internet could mean for free speech

The internet was expected to democratise the sharing of information. Now, more countries are pushing for censorship and digital authoritarianism, with China leading the way

The president of Zimbabwe is being sued over internet shutdown

Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa, together with the country’s three mobile networks, are the target of legal action related to six days of internet blackouts

Top 5 online services banned in Russia

Originally aimed at illegal content, Russian online censorship now appears to target anything that runs counter to Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian goals

US regulators plan to loosen net neutrality

The US FCC has announced a proposal to scrap Obama-era net neutrality laws in favour of lighter regulations

India bans Facebook’s Free Basics

Facebook’s plan to provide free internet access to poor communities has been blocked by Indian regulators

LiFi could revolutionise internet connectivity

LiFi technology offers an alternative form of wireless communication, one that is 10 times faster than Wi-Fi. And all you need is a lightbulb

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