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A sorry site: 8chan gets the axe, raising questions about internet censorship

8chan, a controversial imageboard linked to numerous mass shootings, disappeared from the internet in August after being cut off by its network provider. While many lauded Cloudflare for its symbolic stand against violence, others raised concerns about the political nature of the decision and its potentially detrimental implications for free speech

What a sovereign internet could mean for free speech

The internet was expected to democratise the sharing of information. Now, more countries are pushing for censorship and digital authoritarianism, with China leading the way

Putin signs law to create ‘sovereign internet’

New legislation that increases government censorship of Russia’s internet has been signed off by President Putin

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Russian communications regulator blocks some Google services amid Telegram row

A number of Google’s IP addresses, thought to be hosting banned messaging service Telegram, have been blocked in Russia, as the nation’s communications regulator clamps down on Telegram’s operations in the country

Top 5 online services banned in Russia

Originally aimed at illegal content, Russian online censorship now appears to target anything that runs counter to Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian goals