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SpaceX explosion leaves Facebook satellite grounded

A SpaceX rocket carrying Facebook’s first satellite exploded on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral yesterday

China launches satellite capable of sending unhackable communications

By launching a functioning satellite capable of quantum communication, China has demonstrated that it is leading the way in terms of information security

The dark side of the mobile supply chain is being exposed – you won’t like what you see

The complex web of producers that makes up the electronics supply chain has allowed social and environmental abuses to go unpunished, but change is afoot

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ZTE shares suffer on continued uncertainty

ZTE shares have suffered quite spectacularly as the US investigation into the company’s alleged violation of trade sanctions wears on

Mobile World Congress 2016: What are the future mobile trends?

The mobile industry is one of the most disruptive out there. We discover the latest updates…

Re: Ray Tomlinson

The New Economy commemorates the life of Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of email, who died on March 5

Mobile World Congress 2016: Cherie Blair – Women held back by lack of mobile ownership

In today’s increasingly connected world, inequality in mobile ownership is stifling women’s success

Mobile World Congress 2016: 5G to unlock mobile’s true potential

Technology is changing the way we connect, with innovations in the Internet of Things, cloud and 5G technologies transforming businesses, public services and people’s lives

How a phone can help the fight for equality

The GSMA has launched an ambitious scheme to increase mobile connectivity among women in the developing world

Europe must beat the US and China to 5G

European executives at the Mobile World Congress have called on policymakers to develop a common framework for 5G technology

The big mobile trends of 2016

The New Economy looks at the top trends for 2016 to hit the world of mobile

100Mb+ satellite broadband is coming to the EU

Thanks to Eutelsat and ViaSat, business and retail customers will soon have access to high-speed satellite broadband across Europe

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