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India bans Facebook’s Free Basics

Facebook’s plan to provide free internet access to poor communities has been blocked by Indian regulators

Merger mania in telecoms market hits consumers

A £10bn deal to create the UK’s largest mobile operator faces quite a challenge after the EU’s competition watchdog toughened its stance on telecoms mergers

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EU and Japan collaborate on 5G mobile technologies

With the new 5G agreement, the EU joins forces with Japan in a bid to tackle the increasing need for wireless internet and complement current efforts to create a digital single market in Europe

Google enters telecoms market with Project Fi

Tech giant finally unveils its plans to rival telecom firms with budget cellular network, as industry faces big changes

Bids for India telecom spectrum begins

Hugely competitive 3G spectrum auction could net India around $13bn

Sharks are attacking the internet

Just when Google thought it was safe to enter the water to lay its giant internet cable between the US and Japan, it discovered it must contend with the ocean’s top predator

Google’s Project Loon explained

The stratosphere is the new battleground for firms whose ambition it is to bring increased internet connectivity to the developing world