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Despite global financial uncertainty, Hessen remains an investor hotspot

With so much uncertainty surrounding global trading conditions, the German state of Hessen offers investors some much-needed reassurance

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Top 5 uses for blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies

Several companies are set to harness the potential of blockchain platforms in the hope of increasing security and efficiency across a wide range of industries

China becomes world’s second largest importer of LNG

New data has revealed China dramatically increased its import of liquid natural gas in 2017, while also ramping up the export of gasoline and diesel

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Mongolia bans grain exports as rising temperatures threaten crop production

Mongolian authorities have suspended all grain exports as temperatures climb to their highest levels for 56 years

Border control security technologies enhance global trade

Increased participation in trade is greater than ever, which in turn means a bigger chance of security problems. Technology is playing a crucial part in protecting organisations worldwide

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