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China becomes world’s second largest importer of LNG

New data has revealed China dramatically increased its import of liquid natural gas in 2017, while also ramping up the export of gasoline and diesel

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Carnival Corporation sets course for a more sustainable future

At a time when companies across all sectors are coming under scrutiny for their impact on the environment, the cruise industry is setting sail for an even more sustainable future

Carnival Corporation banks on a sustainable future

As the first in the cruise industry to build LNG-powered ships, Carnival Corporation is banking on a more sustainable future and cleaner air, says Tom Strang, Senior Vice President of Maritime Affairs for the company

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Carnival Corporation stays committed to environmental sustainability

World leader Carnival Corporation’s goal is to promote environmental responsibility as it paves the way for a more sustainable cruise industry

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Interview: Harib Al Kitani, CEO, Oman LNG

The energy sector is the driving force of the Omani economy. Harib Al Kitani, CEO of Oman LNG, speaks to us about how the newly integrated company is helping to spur the sultanate’s growth

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Bill Wheeler, Veronica Mba, Pat Sanders | Equatorial Guinea LNG

The New Economy interviews Equatorial Guinea LNG’s MD Bill Wheeler, Deputy MD Veronica Mba, and Commercial Director Pat Sanders

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An equitable company

EG LNG is helping guide sustainable growth for Equatorial Guinea with a commitment to corporate social responsibility

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