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Japan becomes the first country with more electric car chargers than petrol stations

With 40,000 places to charge an electric car, Japan is leading the way in terms of environmental infrastructure and future-sighted planning

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Tesla Model 3 takes over $10bn in pre-orders in first 36 hours

Tesla’s Elon Musk revealed that pre-orders for the company’s new mass-market vehicle surpassed 270,000 in the first 36 hours

Tesla goes mainstream with Model 3

The unveiling of Tesla’s latest car signals the company’s intention to make its cars a common sight on American roads

Apple working on electric car, says Elon Musk

Apple has been tight-lipped about whether it is working on an electric car, but the CEO of Tesla Motors says the plan is an “open secret”

New highways to charge electric cars as they drive

The UK plans to test the use of electric highways that would allow electric cars to charge as they drive

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The lithium market experiences heavy demand

Electric cars and consumer technology are placing considerable demand on the world’s lithium market. Jules Gray asks if this could trigger the next commodity boom

Audi takes on Tesla with electric SUV

German carmaker is yet another major manufacturer to enter the growing electric car market

Catecar fights against climate change with Dragonfly vehicle

Aeroplanes are polluters, but the businesses that support them can do a lot to offset that. Henri-Philippe Sambuc, CEO of Catecar, explains how his company’s latest electric vehicle is just one example of this

Thierry Koskas on electric vehicles | Renault Nissan | Video

The New Economy interviews Thierry Koskas, Programme Director of Renault Electric Vehicles, on pioneering zero-emission motoring

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