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Toyota and Mazda enter joint venture to build $1.6bn US assembly plant

Japanese car manufacturers Toyota and Mazda have agreed to share a new $1.6bn manufacturing plant in the US, while further pooling resources to research the development of electric vehicles

VW races to the top of the global car market

Despite its brands being dogged by the ongoing emissions scandal, VW has edged out Toyota to become the world’s biggest carmaker in a first for the company

Sorry VW, Toyota is still the world’s biggest carmaker

Toyota has fought off a challenge from Volkswagen to keep hold of its title as the world’s top-selling car manufacturer

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Toyota recalls more cars after software glitch

Toyota has recalled another 625,000 hybrid cars in relation to a software fault, adding to the 8.1 million Takata withdrawals earlier this year and heaping further pressure on the automaker

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Toyota exec resigns over drugs scandal

Toyota’s first female managing officer has stepped down little over a month after her appointment in the wake of a drugs scandal

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Japanese automakers recall 6.5m cars over faulty airbags

Safety concerns tied to faulty airbag inflators have forced Toyota and Nissan to pull millions more cars from the roads

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Toyota’s free patents to drive hydrogen technology revolution

Toyota has made thousands of fuel cell related patents available to others in the industry, in the hope of spearheading the transition to a “hydrogen society”

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