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North Rhine-Westphalia pushes investment growth in Germany

North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany’s most important economic region, and has for years been a popular location for foreign companies setting up a base in Europe

German carmakers pledge to invest €60bn in electric and self-driving technology

The president of the German Association of the Automotive Industry has revealed German carmakers will invest heavily in electric cars and automation over the next three years in an effort to meet new European regulations

Cyberattacks affect more than two-thirds of German manufacturers

According to a recently published report, cybercrime has cost German industry $50bn over the past two years

E.ON and RWE shake up Germany’s energy sector with asset swap agreement

Two of Germany’s biggest utility firms have agreed to swap assets in a deal that would see E.ON focus on energy networks and RWE concentrate on renewables

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German carmakers agree to cut emissions amid increasing political pressure

Leading German carmakers struck a deal to cut emissions following the launch of Tesla’s latest model of electric car

Contactless payment methods face resistance from Germany

While the rest of the world is scrambling to develop the most efficient payment system possible, Germans remain in favour of a more traditional approach

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