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Hackers steal data from IT infrastructure firm Citycomp

A group of hackers have carried out a ransomware attack on Citycomp, which provides internet infrastructure for companies such as Airbus, Toshiba and Volkswagen

‘London Blue’ hacker group planned attack on 35,000 CFOs

Cybersecurity research and development firm Agari has obtained an extensive list of targets created by Nigeria-based hacker group ‘London Blue’

Cyberattacks affect more than two-thirds of German manufacturers

According to a recently published report, cybercrime has cost German industry $50bn over the past two years

Governments must act fast to control the threat of cyber conflict

As cyberattacks become increasingly common in international conflicts, governments around the world will need to define universal parameters to protect innocent bystanders

Huge cyber-attack spreads worldwide

A ransomware attack of unprecedented scale has swept the globe, crippling businesses, health services and a range of vital infrastructure