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Google increases its rewards for hackers

Digital bounty hunters stand to make good money from Google after the tech giant tripled rewards for disclosing vulnerabilities in its systems

‘London Blue’ hacker group planned attack on 35,000 CFOs

Cybersecurity research and development firm Agari has obtained an extensive list of targets created by Nigeria-based hacker group ‘London Blue’

Coinrail hack sends bitcoin price tumbling

Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail has lost 30 percent of its coins following a hack, leaving investor confidence in bitcoin, among others, shaken

Governments must act fast to control the threat of cyber conflict

As cyberattacks become increasingly common in international conflicts, governments around the world will need to define universal parameters to protect innocent bystanders

The oil and gas industry must take cybersecurity seriously

The very nature of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry means it is exceptionally vulnerable to attack, making robust cybersecurity a matter of life and death

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