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Japan fights flooding from below the surface

Japan’s G-Cans storm drain is thought to be the largest of its kind, but even this enormous system may not be enough to protect the nation against increasingly frequent floods

Senior lawmakers urge Japanese Government to look into creating digital currency

Following China’s recent announcement that it plans to issue its own digital currency, officials in Japan have called on their government to do the same

Fukushima is a wasteland, but nuclear fallout isn’t the problem

The word ‘radiation’ evokes thoughts of danger, disease and sickness. However, in the wake of the Fukushima meltdown, the greatest risk may come from another source

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Toshiba’s future is in doubt

Unable to get auditors to sign off on its results, Toshiba has elected to publish them anyway while warning that its future is at risk

Time is quickly running out for Japan’s transplant tourists

As Japan’s strict transplantation laws and ingrained cultural beliefs keep organ donation rates low, alternative transplant options are emerging

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How do you like me Nao? Robots come to take Japanese jobs

Japan could soon launch a robot revolution, and, in doing so, relieve some of the pressure weighing down on its shrinking labour force

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Can Japan restore its people’s confidence in nuclear?

Nuclear is back, whether the majority like it or not, so it’s time the Japanese population acknowledged the changes made to the industry since Fukushima

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2015 looks to be another deathly year for Japan as Abenomics struggles on

2015 is a do or die year for Abenomics, and the PM’s reluctance to introduce much-needed reforms could be the programme’s undoing

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Fukushima workers take Tepco to courts for more compensation

Tokyo utility company is accused of failing to adequately compensate workers for the hazards associated with its Fukushima clean-up operation

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Vehicle sales in Japan drop as Abe struggles to control debt

Declining car sales do not bode well for Abe’s plan as industry braces for slump

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Japan’s return to nuclear energy

Though Japanʼs investment in renewable energy is near unparalleled, economic growth may require an unpopular return to nuclear energy

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Yen intervention on the horizon

As the Japanese yen looks weak government ministers debate whether or not to step in

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