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Fukushima is a wasteland, but nuclear fallout isn’t the problem

The word ‘radiation’ evokes thoughts of danger, disease and sickness. However, in the wake of the Fukushima meltdown, the greatest risk may come from another source

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Toshiba to sell Westinghouse after $6bn loss

Amid financial turmoil, the announcement of a $6bn loss from its US nuclear project has forced Toshiba to step up existing selloffs to avoid a bailout

Onkalo aims to solve the 100,000-year problem of nuclear waste storage

Nuclear waste will remain a deadly threat for hundreds of thousands of years. Despite having decades of hazardous waste in temporary storage, the world is only now finalising plans for long-term containment

British Government rethinks Chinese nuclear power deal

The ‘golden decade’ of Sino-British relations may end early as the UK Government puts the brakes on its Chinese-funded nuclear project

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China’s building nuclear reactors that float

China has plans to build nuclear reactors on board ships as part of its ambitious 2030 energy goals

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EDF’s CFO says new nuclear plant could ruin the company

Thomas Piquemal has stepped down as CFO of EDF over the cost of the planned Hinkley Point nuclear power plant

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What’s next for nuclear power in the developing world?

To meet rising energy needs many developing nations are looking to nuclear power. Overshadowed by past nuclear accidents, many are sceptical of this

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Russia to build Nigeria’s nuclear plants

Nigeria plans to diversify its energy mix with assistance from Rosatom to construct nuclear power plants for $80bn

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Spivack: Post-nuclear deal Iran poised to tap AIIB funding

Market analyst says the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank could be among the most prominent emerging market banks to gain from an Iran nuclear deal

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Can Japan restore its people’s confidence in nuclear?

Nuclear is back, whether the majority like it or not, so it’s time the Japanese population acknowledged the changes made to the industry since Fukushima

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Fukushima workers take Tepco to courts for more compensation

Tokyo utility company is accused of failing to adequately compensate workers for the hazards associated with its Fukushima clean-up operation

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Japan’s return to nuclear energy

Though Japanʼs investment in renewable energy is near unparalleled, economic growth may require an unpopular return to nuclear energy

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