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Uber’s driverless cars return to public roads for the first time since fatal crash

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has granted Uber permission to restart its autonomous vehicle programme, albeit subject to a number of restrictions

Impossible Burger: vegetarian patty that ‘bleeds’ finally gets FDA approval

Impossible Foods has received formal recognition from the US Food and Drug Administration that one of its key ingredients, heme, is safe for human consumption

Onkalo aims to solve the 100,000-year problem of nuclear waste storage

Nuclear waste will remain a deadly threat for hundreds of thousands of years. Despite having decades of hazardous waste in temporary storage, the world is only now finalising plans for long-term containment

US workplace fatalities decline

Workplace fatalities in the US are decreasing, according to the Bureau of Labor. However, this is not cause to be complacent – accidents at work can still be deadly. As this infograpic illustrates, there were more than 4,000 work-related fatalities in 2012. Causes ranged from transportation incidents and homicide to slips and fires.

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