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Why consumers’ appetite for meal replacement drinks is growing

As time-poor consumers search for the perfect balance between convenience and nutrition, meal replacement drinks are experiencing a revival

Impossible Burger: vegetarian patty that ‘bleeds’ finally gets FDA approval

Impossible Foods has received formal recognition from the US Food and Drug Administration that one of its key ingredients, heme, is safe for human consumption

Amazon set to acquire Whole Foods in $13.7bn deal

Amazon has purchased Whole Foods in a potentially game-changing move into the traditional retail market

Climate causes fall in global wine production

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine have predicted a fall in global wine production this year due to ‘climatic events’

The Impossible Burger that will revolutionise food-tech

Animal farming is destroying the planet faster than any other pollution source. Plant-based meat substitutes may have arrived just in time to avert disaster

Ynsect makes insects the future of animal, and perhaps even human, diets

The world is on the cusp of a food crisis, and our need for high-quality protein is increasing day by day. Ynsect is working to harness the power of insect protein to solve this problem

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The iFoodbag will revolutionise last-mile chilled and frozen delivery

The iFoodbag can store chilled and frozen goods for up to 24 hours, thanks to its patented smart fibre-composite material

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Axiom Foods on new approaches to global food challenges

Alyson Dutch of Axiom Foods explains how a rise in gluten allergies and consumer suspicion of genetically modified grains is creating new opportunities for rice producers

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Beer madness? Indonesia’s president attacks commodity

Jokowi contradicts pro-economic strategy with new regulations that threaten the country’s growing beer industry

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