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Toshiba’s future is in doubt

Unable to get auditors to sign off on its results, Toshiba has elected to publish them anyway while warning that its future is at risk

Canatu’s flexible sensors allow for touch capabilities on any surface

Mobile phones with keypads now seem like a distant memory. Flat phones could soon follow suit, with bendable touch interfaces a reality thanks to Canatu

Google enters the hardware sphere

With an impressive device range in the pipeline, Google is taking the fight to Apple, Amazon and Samsung, vying to become a household name for hardware as well as software

iPhone sales very slightly defy predictions

Apple’s iPhone sales have proven better than analysts predicted, but the company’s best seller is still on the decline in terms of demand

Modular devices will revolutionise the electronics industry

Consumer electronics are in for their biggest shake-up in a very long while, with modular technology poised to change everything we know about gadgets