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Why the biggest tech companies are investing in India’s Jio

An incredible windfall of investment from the likes of Facebook and Google has put Jio, an Indian telecoms company, in the spotlight

Messaging app Symphony receives $1bn valuation

Symphony, a business-focused messaging app, is revolutionising communications in some of the world’s biggest investment banks

Intelligent translators can’t grasp metaphor

Advanced translation technology may spell the end of the global language divide. However, one of the fundamental aspects of language could scupper such grand ideas

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Language: the hidden lubricant of international trade

From international sporting events to historic population movements, the global language industry is full of booming opportunities

Why business speak is hurting your business

Technology firms are hurting themselves by relying on clichés, jargon and euphemism. They should open up their business box, defenestrate the legacy mindsets and reboot