Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

YouTube blocks ads on smaller channels

In an attempt to appease advertisers, YouTube will only allow ads to be run on channels with over 10,000 total views

Germany takes aim at fake news and illegal content with €50m fines

As Germans head to the polls later this year, the government is cracking down on influential fake news

India makes biometric database registration mandatory for tax returns

Iris scans and fingerprint identification will be made mandatory for filing tax returns and owning a mobile phone

China signs $6bn mining deal with Australia

China and Australia announced joint construction plans for the proposed $6bn Balla Balla iron ore project in Western Australia

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Airbnb becomes latest Silicon Valley titan to take on China

Airbnb has moved to seize a slice of China’s sharing economy, rebranding itself as ‘Aibiying’ to appeal to local customers

YouTube faces an advertiser exodus over extremist materials

Several high-profile companies have pulled ads from YouTube, forcing Google to reconsider who is responsible for what is uploaded

Is sexism endemic in Silicon Valley, or is Uber’s culture an extreme example?

After reports of sexism, harassment and bias, Uber is facing a moment of truth. CEO Travis Kalanick must lead from the front, or risk tacitly endorsing negative behaviour

Facebook to launch start-up incubator in world’s largest start-up campus

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has unveiled plans for a multi-million-euro investment in the company’s first ‘start-up garage’

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Top tips for start-up success

The road to achieving start-up success is littered with failure, but that shouldn’t be enough to deter the ambitious. Here, The New Economy brings together the top tips for wide-eyed entrepreneurs hoping to embark on their own business journey in 2017

Tackling unconscious bias in feedback and task assignment is the key to gender equality

Increasingly companies are prioritising gender equality in the work force, however, many of the factors holding women back continue to go unaddressed

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As the GDPR deadline looms, regulators warn businesses to implement changes

With law firms issuing guidance on implementation of the new EU privacy laws, companies are being urged to plan ahead or risk being heavily fined

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Advertising has evolved – businesses need to catch up or they risk total irrelevance

As companies pump increasing investment into digital marketing, consumers are inundated with more and more content. The ad industry is changing, and its quality is being sacrificed