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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

CoeLux brings natural light to office spaces

Natural lighting can vastly improve the indoor experience by transforming perceptions, reducing stress and preventing disease. Now, thanks to CoeLux, these substantial benefits can be replicated in rooms without access to sunlight

Top 5 tips for building a future-proof supply chain

The supply chain is the new battleground of the relentlessly competitive world of retail. Companies that fail to adapt to the sector’s exponential rate of change risk slipping into obscurity

Closing the digital skills gap

The technology sector is facing a skills shortage. To fill the gap, it must invest in training and improve gender diversity at every level of the industry

Space race: maximising the potential of urban real estate

Urban population growth is accelerating faster than ever, but there’s a finite amount of space available in city centres. As such, companies are exploring innovative solutions to make the most of the little room we do have

Top 5 steps to maximise return on rebranding investment

A carefully structured brand strategy not only connects an organisation with its target audience, but it also acts as a vital differentiator from the competition. Here are five elements to consider when investing in brand development

Impossible Burger: vegetarian patty that ‘bleeds’ finally gets FDA approval

Impossible Foods has received formal recognition from the US Food and Drug Administration that one of its key ingredients, heme, is safe for human consumption

Top 5 tips for businesses implementing RPA

To remain competitive, businesses must digitalise their operations. One way to speed up this process and improve returns is through robotic process automation

China set to cut tariffs on auto imports

China has announced it will reduce tariffs on both cars and auto parts, providing foreign companies with better access to the Chinese market and further easing trade tensions with the US

Kaspersky Lab set to leave Russia in a bid to “increase its transparency”

Russian antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab aims to relocate the majority of its operations to Switzerland by the end of next year, as the company seeks to soothe fears that its products are being used to spy on users

Securing data in the lead up to GDPR

On May 25, GDPR will come into force, requiring companies to comply with strict new data protection laws. To do so successfully, they must understand the difference between structured and unstructured data

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Top 5 ways to improve your company’s password security

While the password may seem archaic, it still acts as the first line of defence against hackers. We outline five ways companies can improve their password hygiene to better protect themselves in an increasingly hostile digital world

India and Virgin reveal ambitious plans for the world’s first hyperloop

Virgin has partnered with the State of Maharashtra to build the world’s first hyperloop track. The ultra-fast rail system will connect Mumbai and Pune, decreasing commute times and helping to modernise India’s transport infrastructure