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A sustainable reimagining of the global construction industry

Ushering in a new age of eco-friendly architecture is no easy task. The construction industry is notoriously averse to change, but the sector must adapt if it is to reduce its huge carbon footprint

Inventor Sajjad Yaghoubi and the Aspetto team bring hi-tech solutions to Dubai

Coming up with just one award-winning invention is difficult, but Sajjad Yaghoubi has done so on multiple occasions. As part of Aspetto, he has helped create innovative new technologies in robotics, medicine and many other fields

Sustainable by design: the cutting edge of commercial real estate

With economic growth ensuring construction thrives, architects and designers are racing to meet the evolving needs of both the workforce and the environment

Shadowless skyscrapers come to London

NBBJ architects have revealed plans to eradicate the shadows cast by looming skyscrapers in inner cities

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