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Boeing partners with Porsche to develop electric flying taxi

The transport sector is set for sweeping changes in the 2020s thanks to innovations in the flying car space

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Why the Airbus A380 failed to take off

When it was first announced in 2005, the Airbus A380 was supposed to represent the future of flying. Now, after just 12 years in service, the aircraft is being discontinued as the industry moves towards a no-frills approach

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Garuda Indonesia attempts to cancel multibillion-dollar Boeing order

Indonesia’s national airline, Garuda Indonesia, has asked Boeing to cancel its order of 49 737 Max 8 jets after two high-profile accidents damaged travellers’ confidence in the model

All Nippon Airways set to order Boeing and Airbus aircraft

Japan’s largest airline will order 30 Boeing and 18 Airbus aircraft as part of plans to meet the Asian aviation market’s growing demand

Boeing and Airbus at odds over the future of aircraft manufacturing

At the Paris Air Show, Boeing and Airbus have lain out starkly different plans for the future of commercial aviation

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Boeing brings Iran nuclear deal into focus

Boeing has agreed a $3bn deal with an Iranian airliner, testing the Trump administration’s promise to get tough on Iran