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How connectivity can help airlines cope with rising fuel costs

Currently, there is no available alternative to jet fuel and airlines have continued to see their bottom line impacted by rising fuel costs – increased connectivity could provide new smart ways to save fuel and reduce costs

Why the Airbus A380 failed to take off

When it was first announced in 2005, the Airbus A380 was supposed to represent the future of flying. Now, after just 12 years in service, the aircraft is being discontinued as the industry moves towards a no-frills approach

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Trump moves to privatise US air traffic control

Long circulated in Washington, a plan to privatise the US’ air traffic control system has finally been announced by President Trump

Agreement reached to limit airline CO2 emissions

Designed to limit the environmental impact of the international aviation industry, an agreement has been made to cap carbon emissions produced from international flights

Macquarie goes on aircraft spending spree

Australian banking group Macquarie seeks to expand its aircraft portfolio in a $4bn deal with AWAS

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Airports around the world compete to become more sustainable

The world’s airports are becoming more sustainable, with quieter aeroplanes, greener passenger transport and less light pollution

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Biofuel planes set to take off?

As airlines continue to test biofuel planes, is a revolution in aviation sustainability about to occur?