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How connectivity can help airlines cope with rising fuel costs

Currently, there is no available alternative to jet fuel and airlines have continued to see their bottom line impacted by rising fuel costs – increased connectivity could provide new smart ways to save fuel and reduce costs

Garuda Indonesia attempts to cancel multibillion-dollar Boeing order

Indonesia’s national airline, Garuda Indonesia, has asked Boeing to cancel its order of 49 737 Max 8 jets after two high-profile accidents damaged travellers’ confidence in the model

Top 5 aviation innovations for the future

From Boeing to Branson, these are the top five technological trends that could shape air travel in the near future

Connected airline systems boost consumer importance

Advances in passenger service systems mean airlines are increasingly connected, with consumers more integral to the development process than ever before

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Solar Impulse 2 aims to prove the future of flight is photovoltaic

Next May, Solar Impulse 2 will hopefully become the first solar-powered plane to circumnavigate the globe. This feat of modern engineering hopes to prove that photovoltaic power is the future of air travel and sustainable transport

The EADS Airbus A300 Beluga

An Airbus A300 Beluga aircraft is loaded with wings at the Airbus SAS wing assembly factory in Broughton, England. EADS, the owner of Airbus, has enjoyed high profits of late and raised its orders and delivers to forecast in November. However, the aircraft manufacturer also admitted it may have to cut production of its flagship […]