Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

A fairy godmother for research and development in biopharmaceuticals

Only five percent of candidate drugs currently make it through the initial R&D phase. With demand for novel biopharmaceuticals growing, Batavia Biosciences is helping organisations improve their development processes

Ohio accepts bitcoin as payment for corporate taxes

The US state of Ohio has become the first to allow corporations to pay their taxes using cryptocurrency

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Lab-grown diamonds are creating a more socially responsible diamond industry

Cheaper, better for the environment, more socially responsible and essentially identical, the case for lab-grown diamonds appears rock-solid, signalling the decline of the diamond mining industry

AI helps businesses make better decisions

Many companies still misunderstand AI. By following a few simple steps, however, organisations can utilise the technology to create expert decision-making systems that achieve better business outcomes

The internet never forgets, but people do

The acceleration of technological innovation and wealth of information available online is having a profound effect on the way we remember

Electric vehicles are coming – but the lithium must come from somewhere

It’s a lot harder to get a lithium mine into production than to upgrade lithium battery or electric car manufacturers, says NeoLithium’s Gabriel Pindar

NeoLithium COO: Tres Quebradas project is ‘blessed with good chemistry’

Gabriel Pindar discusses the growing demand for lithium and the potential for NeoLithium’s Argentinian asset

As deepfakes become more convincing, the threat to truth grows

Hyper-realistic fake videos, known as ‘deepfakes’, can cause lasting reputational damage. Unfortunately, countering the threat these videos pose to political and corporate life is unlikely to get any easier

PhenoMx: precision medicine offers the future picture of health

Despite holding the potential to vastly improve global wellbeing, precision medicine still plays a limited role in mainstream healthcare. PhenoMx’s medical imaging platform is making precision medicine more accessible

A history of Russian hacking

Just over a decade ago, Russia embarked on a global programme of state-sponsored cyber warfare to prove its technological prowess. Its hacking operations have become more wide-ranging in scope and more damaging with every target

IBM guides businesses through the transition to cloud computing

More enterprises are exploring hybrid cloud and multicloud solutions in an effort to optimise their business practices. But it’s important organisations know how to identify the right partners

The life of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died aged 65. He was a celebrated figure in the technology sector, both for his programming nous and his remarkable philanthropy