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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Amazon ditches Oracle in favour of its own cloud service

In a crushing blow to Oracle, Amazon has migrated the last of its databases to Amazon Web Services as part of an effort to reduce costs and improve performance

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Boeing partners with Porsche to develop electric flying taxi

The transport sector is set for sweeping changes in the 2020s thanks to innovations in the flying car space

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Google to deliver air pollution detection tool to European cities

With leaders and environmental organisations striving to reduce air pollution in urban areas, Google has launched a new tool to measure and minimise carbon emissions in Europe

Blizzard bans leading esports player for “liberate Hong Kong” comments

The US video gaming company Blizzard has banned a professional gamer from Hearthstone tournaments after he voiced support for Hong Kong protesters in a post-match interview

How connectivity can help airlines cope with rising fuel costs

Currently, there is no available alternative to jet fuel and airlines have continued to see their bottom line impacted by rising fuel costs – increased connectivity could provide new smart ways to save fuel and reduce costs

Digital banking app Revolut to hire 3,500 staff in global push

Following a new global deal with payments company Visa, Revolut is expanding into new markets despite questions over the neobank’s conduct

Future-proofing convenience: how retailers can thrive in the on-demand economy

Delivering state-of-the-art retail services is fraught with difficulties, but innovations in AI could be the answer

Why experience matters

Everything that we do is experience, but more and more businesses are using technology to understand and enhance it

Facebook launches new video-chat TV box

The social network brings video calls into the living room with Portal TV, its first foray into TV-streaming hardware

Top 5 ways to ensure your app maintains peak performance

Apps can be inexpensive yet powerful tools for growing your business. However, like any resource, they must be maintained. Here are the top five ways to ensure your app continues to deliver

Chinese deepfake app goes viral, raising privacy concerns

Zao, a deepfake face-swapping app, has gone viral in China following its launch on August 30. Many are concerned it puts users’ privacy at risk

Sygnum takes steps to become one of the world’s first crypto banks

Crypto asset firm Sygnum has obtained its first provisional banking and securities dealer licence from Switzerland and is now setting its sights on Singapore