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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Virtual reality will change how the healthcare sector treats patients

Virtual reality is on the cusp of taking the healthcare sector by storm. With seemingly endless ways to help people with a variety of medical conditions, the virtual world is set to transform the lives of millions

Putin signs law to create ‘sovereign internet’

New legislation that increases government censorship of Russia’s internet has been signed off by President Putin

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Apple and Qualcomm settle long-running dispute

Technology giants Apple and Qualcomm have agreed to settle a legal dispute over the use of Qualcomm’s modem chips in iPhones

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AT&T sells its stake in Hulu, leaving Disney in control

Hulu has bought out AT&T’s stake in the streaming service as speculation rises over Disney’s plans to become the firm’s sole owner

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Foxconn shifts iPhone production to India

The latest iPhone models will now be produced in India, rather than China, as manufacturing company Foxconn relocates its assembly facilities

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Jack Ma’s digital health insurance start-up is growing rapidly in China

Ant Financial’s Xiang Hu Bao is disrupting the traditional Chinese health insurance market, having already attracted 50 million users to its mutual aid platform

New Exodus spyware app found to be targeting iPhone users

An iOS version of Exodus, a spyware app capable of extracting information such as photos, audio recordings and locations, has been discovered by mobile security firm Lookout

Fiat Chrysler teams up with Tesla in bid to sidestep EU emissions fines

Italian carmaker Fiat Chrysler will pool its vehicle fleet with Tesla in order to avoid emissions penalties from the EU

Boards under pressure from rising tide of cybercrime

As threats become too close for comfort, cybersecurity can no longer be simply left to the IT team. It’s time for directors to lead the fight back against this growing menace

Lyft’s IPO marks the beginning of open season for unicorn debuts

The eagerly anticipated public listing of the the ride-hailing firm is the largest US technology IPO since Snap went public in 2017

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AI developers win Turing Award for neural network progress

Computer scientists Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun and Yoshua Bengio have been handed the $1m Turing Award for their groundbreaking work on the development of neural networks

Controversial copyright legislation passed by European Parliament

A new copyright directive, which was approved by European policymakers on March 26, has been the subject of much criticism