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Tech firms shut down Chinese offices as coronavirus spreads

With more than 7,700 cases of the virus now confirmed in China, technology companies and manufacturing plants are temporarily closing their East Asian offices

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Change of heart: how algorithms could revolutionise organ donations

Artificial intelligence has the power to completely revolutionise the organ-donation process, but ethical considerations must be taken into account

Sharing private data for the public good

Data-sharing initiatives must be designed and handled responsibly to ensure data privacy concerns are taken into account. When applied successfully, they offer huge potential for a variety of industries

New tech could halt the decline of rural communities

All over the world, rural areas are witnessing rapid demographic decline – many are already completely abandoned. Arresting this trend and attracting people back to the countryside won’t be easy, but technology might hold the key

Display technology: where do we go after glass?

Organic liquid crystal display technology is behind a new kind of flexible display that is set to enhance the consumer experience in the home, the car and in public

A sorry site: 8chan gets the axe, raising questions about internet censorship

8chan, a controversial imageboard linked to numerous mass shootings, disappeared from the internet in August after being cut off by its network provider. While many lauded Cloudflare for its symbolic stand against violence, others raised concerns about the political nature of the decision and its potentially detrimental implications for free speech

Southern Illinois University scholarship continues former chancellor’s legacy

Former chancellor of Southern Illinois University, Dr Carlo Montemagno, passed away in late 2018, but a scholarship named in his honour continues to offer students support

Artificial diamonds and their numerous use cases in new technologies

Diamonds, thanks to their numerous physical properties, have more uses than just jewellery. Today, researchers are pushing the boundaries of their application within the manufacturing and tech industries

Could automating email admin save companies time and money?

The average employee spends an estimated 11 hours every week sending and responding to emails. More efficient communication apps now enable us to dedicate less time to our inboxes

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Smart cities: future-proofing for tomorrow

Smart city projects are on the rise, but remain small in scale due to networking challenges. With further investment, these difficulties can be overcome and cities’ benefits can be realised

More plastic could help create a circular economy

As consumer demand increases and more companies pledge to use recycled materials, a plastic paradox has surfaced. Now, more plastic needs to be collected to meet the rising demand for eco-friendly materials

Synthetic bear bile could improve effectiveness of human heart transplants

Bear bile has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, but it remains a controversial practice in the West. The synthetic version could be a game-changer for the organ transplant process