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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Chinese deepfake app goes viral, raising privacy concerns

Zao, a deepfake face-swapping app, has gone viral in China following its launch on August 30. Many are concerned it puts users’ privacy at risk

Sygnum takes steps to become one of the world’s first crypto banks

Crypto asset firm Sygnum has obtained its first provisional banking and securities dealer licence from Switzerland and is now setting its sights on Singapore

How intelligent enterprises transform experiences and operations

The New Economy asks three businesses at Sapphire Now 2019 how they’re using technology to deliver best in class experiences for their stakeholders

How Entel, Chile’s largest mobile telecoms provider, uses experience data

Real-time experience data is helping Entel rapidly design and iterate improved customer journeys

YouTube shuts down accounts for spreading Hong Kong disinformation

The video-streaming giant has disabled 210 channels involved in a coordinated campaign to promote discord among Hong Kong protestors

Blockchain platform for credit history launched in Sierra Leone

San-Francisco-based tech charity Kiva has launched a blockchain initiative in Sierra Leone to help the population gain access to financial services

Verizon sells social media network Tumblr

Once acquired by Yahoo for $1.1bn, the blogging site Tumblr is now being sold for an undisclosed amount that reports claim could be as low as $3m

Top 5 food tech innovations

Today’s food and agriculture companies are striving to feed a growing population in a world under increasing under threat from climate change. Innovation in how we produce food could be the answer

Scientists create world’s thinnest gold

Researchers have developed an ultra-thin form of gold that could have a wide-reaching economic impact across the medical device and electronics industries

What a sovereign internet could mean for free speech

The internet was expected to democratise the sharing of information. Now, more countries are pushing for censorship and digital authoritarianism, with China leading the way

Amazon lets users disable human review of Alexa recordings

As Amazon faces increasing pressure from privacy regulators, the company has changed Alexa’s settings to allow users to opt-out of having their recordings reviewed by staff

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Saudi Arabia to test robo-advisory services

Saudi Arabia’s capital market regulator has given two firms permission to test computer-generated investment advice

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