Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Ag Innovation Showcase Presents: Smart Vision Works

BreAnn Washburn’s machine learning software is teaching robots how to sort fruit

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Ag Innovation Showcase Presents: KoolMill Systems

Alec Anderson is improving the efficiency of rice processing

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Ag Innovation Showcase Presents: Kaiima Bio-Agritech

Avi Maidenberg explains how Kaiima helps seedbanks expand their genetic diversity

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Huge cyber-attack spreads worldwide

A ransomware attack of unprecedented scale has swept the globe, crippling businesses, health services and a range of vital infrastructure

Trump signs executive order to boost US cybersecurity

President Trump has signed an executive order to bolster US cyber security following the theft of millions of documents from government agencies

World’s first vaccine for malaria to be introduced in 2018

The world first vaccine will enter trails in Kenya, Ghana and Malawi next near. Despite success in previous trials, several questions still surround its practical implementation

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India’s march to mobile is about to get dumb

The global ‘dumbphone’ market is forecast to grow 5,000 percent this year, with new devices and rock-bottom prices offering a stepping stone between older models and smartphones

Facebook uses F8 conference to unveil its augmented future

Mark Zuckerberg made clear augmented reality is the future of Facebook at the F8 developer conference, as the company faces ethical questions surrounding its service

Google agrees to open up Android to rivals in Russia

Russian authorities force Google to loosen its grip on the Android operating system in a bid to improve competitiveness

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Agricultural drones need time to take root

In the process of disrupting agriculture, airborne drones are experiencing growing pains. Fortunately, a new generation of entrepreneurial farmers could help them take off

UK Government calls for access to encrypted messages

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said intelligence services need access to encrypted messages after last week’s attack in Westminster

Soundcloud completes $70m debt round

Despite its popularity, audio-streaming service Soundcloud has so far been unable to become financially sustainable