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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Google unveils video game streaming platform Stadia

Google’s new video game streaming service, Stadia, is set to shake up the $135bn-a-year industry by encouraging gamers to move away from traditional consoles

Top 5 spying scandals in the tech sector

As technology plays an increasingly influential role in our daily lives, the scope for illegal surveillance is growing, posing a threat to businesses and consumers alike

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Samsung launches foldable smartphone

While Samsung looks to maintain its grip as the world’s leading smartphone seller, its latest innovation has failed to excite investors and consumers

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How Estonia became Europe’s tech hotspot

As a result of its commitment to technological progress, Estonia has become one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world

Europe in danger of missing 5G revolution

The emergence of 5G is set to transform how companies operate, but regulatory issues and investment costs are slowing Europe’s progress in uptaking the new technology

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Rovio receives investment in its ‘Netflix for gaming’ subsidiary

Finland’s Rovio receives investment in its subsidiary Hatch Entertainment, bringing 5G gaming a step closer for Japanese consumers

Apple to repay 10 years worth of tax in France

A deal was reportedly first struck late last year that will see the US tech giant repay an expected $570m in back taxes to French authorities

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Soros uses Davos speech to urge US crackdown on Chinese tech firms

George Soros has frequently used his speech at the World Economic Forum as a platform to denounce those who he sees as opponents to an open society, with China in the firing line this year

The president of Zimbabwe is being sued over internet shutdown

Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa, together with the country’s three mobile networks, are the target of legal action related to six days of internet blackouts

Top 5 tech hubs to rival Silicon Valley

The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for being home to the world’s most progressive tech companies. But as more investment funnels towards the sector, a number of cities are staking a claim to Silicon Valley’s tech-hub crown

Belarus launches ‘world’s first’ tokenised securities exchange

Belarus’ platform, which allows traders to purchase shares in gold, forex and other assets with cryptocurrencies, aims to make the nation more attractive to overseas investors

Smartphones and social media are redefining the retail market – here’s how

The average person has five social media accounts and spends at least 40 minutes per day using a social network. With so much free time dedicated to screens, the way we shop is changing for good