Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

IBM guides businesses through the transition to cloud computing

More enterprises are exploring hybrid cloud and multicloud solutions in an effort to optimise their business practices. But it’s important organisations know how to identify the right partners

The life of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died aged 65. He was a celebrated figure in the technology sector, both for his programming nous and his remarkable philanthropy

RaaS: Satan’s business model

The Satan ransomware-as-a-service platform makes it easy for criminals without coding experience to use someone else’s ransomware creations. Ransomware is booming, but there are steps companies can take to stay secure

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Amazon and Apple victims of alleged microchip spy attack

A year-long investigation by Bloomberg has reportedly found evidence of hardware used for spying on server motherboards used by Amazon, Apple and a host of other organisations

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Japanese cryptocurrency exchange falls victim to $60m hack

Hackers stole around $60m of bitcoin, Monacoin and Bitcoin Cash from crypto exchange Zaif on September 14

Top 5 uses of blockchain in gaming

Blockchain is about more than just cryptocurrencies. The opportunities provided by an open, inviolable, publicly distributed ledger have caught the eye of the gaming world too

Cyberattacks affect more than two-thirds of German manufacturers

According to a recently published report, cybercrime has cost German industry $50bn over the past two years

US federal judge rules securities law can apply to cryptocurrencies

An unprecedented ruling by Judge Raymond Dearie protects investors from crypto fraudsters by bringing cryptocurrencies under SEC regulation

How to secure your UCaaS solution

An increasing number of businesses are adopting cloud delivery models for their enterprise communications. But with the prevalence of data breaches, companies must adopt proactive cybersecurity measures, too

Top 5 tips for protecting your company against cryptojacking

Cybercriminals are stealing companies’ computing power to mine cryptocurrencies. With a rise in incidents over the past year, we look at five ways you can protect your company from the latest cyberthreat

Protecting your data assets from insider security threats with UEBA

Despite depictions of hackers frantically typing to crack into a company’s mainframe, most data breaches stem from internal actors. UEBA’s ability to track user behaviour helps IT security teams identify these cyberthreats faster

IBM and CLS test blockchain app store for financial institutions

IBM and foreign exchange settlement firm CLS have launched LedgerConnect, a proof of concept app store that will give banks easier access to blockchain-based applications

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