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PhenoMx promises advanced medical imaging, anywhere, anytime

Digital health futurist Maneesh Juneja and medical imaging innovator Mark Punyanitya discuss the future of healthcare and accessibility

Tackling the social determinants of health and rebalancing healthcare

With inequity in healthcare and economics creating numerous societal challenges, we can no longer wait to address the imbalance and provide innovative solutions to healthcare providers

Nokia targets Malaysian ports for 5G business, but faces competition

With Malaysia expected to launch 5G services in 2020, Nokia is tapping into the burgeoning market by bringing 5G functionality to the country’s ports. However, other players are also eyeing up the South Asian market

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PhenoMx executes MOU to develop strategic initiatives for Thailand’s biotech, life sciences and medical industries

The US-based healthtech company has announced a memorandum of understanding in partnership with the Thailand Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences

SAP announces three-year cloud partnership with Microsoft

SAP’s partnership with Microsoft is set to strengthen both companies’ grip on the cloud services sector

Top 5 reasons automation should be used for mitigating risk in a financial close

Effective financial close management is crucial if companies are to avoid costly auditing mistakes, but too many firms still rely on error-prone manual processes

IBM partnership will use blockchain to improve quality of seafood

IBM Food Trust, along with Massachusetts firm Raw Seafoods, is using blockchain technology to digitalise the supply chain and improve the traceability of scallops

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Amazon ditches Oracle in favour of its own cloud service

In a crushing blow to Oracle, Amazon has migrated the last of its databases to Amazon Web Services as part of an effort to reduce costs and improve performance

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Boeing partners with Porsche to develop electric flying taxi

The transport sector is set for sweeping changes in the 2020s thanks to innovations in the flying car space

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Google to deliver air pollution detection tool to European cities

With leaders and environmental organisations striving to reduce air pollution in urban areas, Google has launched a new tool to measure and minimise carbon emissions in Europe

Blizzard bans leading esports player for “liberate Hong Kong” comments

The US video gaming company Blizzard has banned a professional gamer from Hearthstone tournaments after he voiced support for Hong Kong protesters in a post-match interview

How connectivity can help airlines cope with rising fuel costs

Currently, there is no available alternative to jet fuel and airlines have continued to see their bottom line impacted by rising fuel costs – increased connectivity could provide new smart ways to save fuel and reduce costs