Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Dark web hit by international crackdown

In a major blow to the underground criminal economy, two of the three largest dark web marketplaces have been shut down by authorities following a month-long sting operation

S&P tech index climbs to record high

Investor appetite has driven tech share prices to a record high, surpassing dotcom bubble levels

How much does a cyber-attack cost?

As cybersecurity continues to dominate political agendas around the world, a report published by Lloyds of London estimates a severe cyber-attack could cost the global economy more than Hurricane Katrina

Google and Facebook join Net Neutrality Day of Action to protest FCC changes

Almost 80,000 websites have united in the fight against sweeping new internet rules

Micro-investing app Stash secures $40m in investments

In a nod towards the growing popularity of non-traditional investment platforms, start-up firm Stash raises $40m

Apple set to build first China-based data centre as regulations harshen

The tech giant has been forced to build its first data centre in China in order to meet the country’s new cybersecurity laws

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China creates “impenetrable” network using quantum communications

In a breakthrough for quantum technology, China has successfully trialled a quantum communications network that is “impenetrable to hackers”, according to state media

DeepMind establishes its first international machine learning lab

Google’s DeepMind is setting up shop in Canada, seeking talent from the artificial intelligence research community at Edmonton’s University of Alberta

GlaxoSmithKline signs $43m deal with AI start-up

Scottish AI start-up Exscientia has signed a lucrative deal with a second pharmaceutical giant, as the benefits of artificial intelligence in drug research become apparent

Chinese telecoms firm to double spending on 5G research

As China races to implement 5G coverage before the US, Chinese telecoms provider ZTE has pledged a research spend of $295.5m a year

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Merging humans with robots might be the only way to survive in the future

As scientists stand on the cusp of creating superintelligent machines, humans could be rendering themselves obsolete

New ransomware attack sweeps the world

A large-scale ransomware attack has hit some of the world’s biggest companies, as well as the Ukrainian Government