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Will airborne wind energy ever take off?

Since Google’s parent company, Alphabet, dropped wind power business Makani from its Moonshot Factory, a decades-long debate has been reignited about the commercial viability of airborne wind energy

Quibi launches, becoming the latest video-streaming app in a saturated market

The app focuses on short videos designed to be watched on a smartphone, including unscripted shows, documentaries and episodic movies

How the cloud is impacting banking

Cloud solutions can offer a multitude of benefits – ranging from cost reduction to scalability – to businesses operating across a wide range of industries. Their effect on the finance sector could be especially profound

Facial recognition start-up Clearview AI hacked

Hackers have gained unauthorised access to the technology company’s list of clients, which includes several US government agencies

How technology can help the global refugee crisis

While technology is by no means a solution to displacement, it can improve the lives of those who have been uprooted from their homes as a result of conflict or persecution

Senior lawmakers urge Japanese Government to look into creating digital currency

Following China’s recent announcement that it plans to issue its own digital currency, officials in Japan have called on their government to do the same

Tech firms shut down Chinese offices as coronavirus spreads

With more than 7,700 cases of the virus now confirmed in China, technology companies and manufacturing plants are temporarily closing their East Asian offices

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Change of heart: how algorithms could revolutionise organ donations

Artificial intelligence has the power to completely revolutionise the organ-donation process, but ethical considerations must be taken into account

Sharing private data for the public good

Data-sharing initiatives must be designed and handled responsibly to ensure data privacy concerns are taken into account. When applied successfully, they offer huge potential for a variety of industries

New tech could halt the decline of rural communities

All over the world, rural areas are witnessing rapid demographic decline – many are already completely abandoned. Arresting this trend and attracting people back to the countryside won’t be easy, but technology might hold the key

Display technology: where do we go after glass?

Organic liquid crystal display technology is behind a new kind of flexible display that is set to enhance the consumer experience in the home, the car and in public

A sorry site: 8chan gets the axe, raising questions about internet censorship

8chan, a controversial imageboard linked to numerous mass shootings, disappeared from the internet in August after being cut off by its network provider. While many lauded Cloudflare for its symbolic stand against violence, others raised concerns about the political nature of the decision and its potentially detrimental implications for free speech