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Artificial diamonds and their numerous use cases in new technologies

Diamonds, thanks to their numerous physical properties, have more uses than just jewellery. Today, researchers are pushing the boundaries of their application within the manufacturing and tech industries

Could automating email admin save companies time and money?

The average employee spends an estimated 11 hours every week sending and responding to emails. More efficient communication apps now enable us to dedicate less time to our inboxes

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Smart cities: future-proofing for tomorrow

Smart city projects are on the rise, but remain small in scale due to networking challenges. With further investment, these difficulties can be overcome and cities’ benefits can be realised

More plastic could help create a circular economy

As consumer demand increases and more companies pledge to use recycled materials, a plastic paradox has surfaced. Now, more plastic needs to be collected to meet the rising demand for eco-friendly materials

Synthetic bear bile could improve effectiveness of human heart transplants

Bear bile has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, but it remains a controversial practice in the West. The synthetic version could be a game-changer for the organ transplant process

How smart data can safeguard the planet

For 50 years, Software AG has delivered sustainable technology to organisations around the world. Recognising the challenges created by climate change, it’s important to help customers find ways to turn their data into a resource that promotes sustainability

PhenoMx promises advanced medical imaging, anywhere, anytime

Digital health futurist Maneesh Juneja and medical imaging innovator Mark Punyanitya discuss the future of healthcare and accessibility

Tackling the social determinants of health and rebalancing healthcare

With inequity in healthcare and economics creating numerous societal challenges, we can no longer wait to address the imbalance and provide innovative solutions to healthcare providers

Nokia targets Malaysian ports for 5G business, but faces competition

With Malaysia expected to launch 5G services in 2020, Nokia is tapping into the burgeoning market by bringing 5G functionality to the country’s ports. However, other players are also eyeing up the South Asian market

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PhenoMx executes MOU to develop strategic initiatives for Thailand’s biotech, life sciences and medical industries

The US-based healthtech company has announced a memorandum of understanding in partnership with the Thailand Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences

SAP announces three-year cloud partnership with Microsoft

SAP’s partnership with Microsoft is set to strengthen both companies’ grip on the cloud services sector

Top 5 reasons automation should be used for mitigating risk in a financial close

Effective financial close management is crucial if companies are to avoid costly auditing mistakes, but too many firms still rely on error-prone manual processes